Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Episode 5 Expect the Best

“Expectations impact ourselves and others.” Bruce Wilkinson, The 7 Laws of the Learner

Do you know what a placebo is? It’s a fake pill. 90% of all pills prescribed were placebos up until 1890. If you were really sick your pill was really big. Doctors knew the placebos had no power to make the patient better. Still, they would tell their patients take 2 of these pills every 4 hours for them to have their full effect. Amazingly, though, because the patient believed in the power of the medicine, it had a positive effect. They expected the medicine to make them feel better. When it comes to teaching, what do you expect of your students? Do you expect the best? Do you expect the best for each one or just your stronger students? Do you expect the best from those that make up our sub-populations? I think this opening quote is a great reminder for us to set high expectations for our students. This is one way to keep students motivated and challenge them to work hard. When they know that you are expecting their best work and you are giving them your best, they will rise to your expectations!

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