Monday, November 8, 2010

Episode 3 Let's Get Personal

My high school choir teacher was the best! She modeled excellence in everything she did. She challenged and stretched us to rise to her high expectations. And, we did. Sure, this podcast is to give you helpful tips and strategies to help you motivate your students, but you know what? You are the best motivator. Not just your position as a teacher, but who you are personally! For example, do your students know what you like and don’t like? Can they tell someone where you were born or how many siblings you have? When was the last time you used a personal anecdote (silly, scary, or serious) to explain a concept or topic. When we share who we are with our students, we are connecting with them. They see us as the “humans” we really are and they see how much we care about their academic success as well as their personal success. This week I want to challenge you to get “personal”. Share some personal stories with them let them know more about you. And, ask them some questions so that you can know more about them. Finally, feel free to send me an email sharing your results. I would love to hear how it worked!

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